i think we found the opposite of nash greir

I have told 3 people in my life that I am Asexual.

The first was my nana who didn’t understand what it was, said it was just a phase and when I found someone I loved I would want to… I told her this wasn’t the case and she accepted it.

Next was my mum, who is 100% ok with it and the only person I can talk to about it because she finds nothing wrong with it.

Finally was my boyfriend. He knew I wasn’t interested in sex at all but I never told him why. Today he asked why I wasn’t getting so close to him and I told him I couldn’t proved him with what he wanted and that I was asexual. He decided we wouldn’t work out and dumped me even though he has said many times he loves me and wouldn’t let me go…. I guess that a lie.

I trust him with something I don’t tell many people and he makes me feel horrible about something I cannot change.

Apparently sex is apart of every relationship and it has to be done… its like I have no choice in the matter and I have to do it to be socially accepted.

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There are two types of people. x






can this please happen for them?? like, some how…?

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